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I have been lucky enough to help some fantastic people through their transition. Every single one of them is reaping the benefits. Read on to find out more.

At one point, as a management team, we were faced with challenges which we did not know how to handle. With a few targeted questions, Marijke quickly understood where we could still grow and she naturally helped us gain the necessary insights into communication styles and teamwork, as well as to refocus our goals.

Thanks to Marijke’s serene, objective but also sympathetic attitude, the threshold for being open with each other was very low. The after-care, with further group and personal coaching sessions, helped us putting what we learned into practice.

Since then, the challenges have not diminished, on the contrary, but we are much stronger as a team and the results speak for themselves! We hope to continue to rely on Marijke’s wisdom in the future.

– Bert Sercu
COO Durabilis

When you are given and take more and more responsibility as a manager, it is important that your soft skills evolve with you. Your transition coaching made ‘blockages’ visible that were unconsciously preventing me from growing in my job.

The results are impressive: I am more self-assured and found peace in my managerial role. I now work better with employees who used to be less easy to work with. And I get even more satisfaction from my job. In short: I harvest the fruits of your coaching every day.

Mutual trust is a critical success factor in coaching. I felt that trust immediately and it grew during our journey. As a result, I got more out of the sessions than I first thought.

I have been in the business for over 30 years, but with you I discovered the added value of a good coach for your personal development. I recommend it to everyone, because training does not have the same effect. You need someone who helps you – with respect for your individuality – to develop yourself further.

– Ivo De Ridder>
Operations Director

When Marijke probes, I can see what I feel inside. She repeatedly succeeds in constructively challenging me and getting me to change my perspective. The result of our sessions? I developed my leadership skills, discovered new things about myself and others, and found new ways of bringing balance to my life.

– Suzanne Kettler
Senior Director Scientific and Regulatory Affairs with Coca-Cola

Thanks to Marijke’s coaching my leadership skills were transformed, I discovered new aspects of my personality and grew into an accessible, genuine leader. Marijke is familiar with the complexity of corporate life and knows the challenges we face. I look forward to her support in the next steps of my career!

– Alessandro Caviggia
Managing Director Strategy Operations with Accenture Strategy

Marijke asks questions that make you think. Her approach? Confrontational with the right amount of compassion. She goes further than expected and addresses your painful issues. She makes you think about yourself and helps you to develop yourself . Serious work was achieved after each session. Thank you, Marijke, for your insights and help!

– Els Vijverman
General Manager Ekilibre

Marijke is positive and open, analyses your current position and guides you through the process. Calmly, but steadily! Not vaguely, but specifically, and focused on your daily life. With lots of material to practise and shape your thoughts. A great deal became clear to me. Thank you for that Marijke!

– Lidy-Anne Jeswiet – Van Westenbrugge
CEO with Gevers Legal

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