Your transition

Are you struggling with a drastic change in your life or work? I help you experience the transition – your personal adjustment process – consciously and with resilience.

When change is painful

Are you going through a dramatic personal or professional change, such as a death, divorce, dismissal, promotion or restructuring? Do you feel insecure or lost, and no longer know how to carry on?

What you are experiencing is transition, the personal adjustment process that is part of any – positive or negative – change. I help you to understand it and to emerge stronger at the other end.

Just imagine…

  • You experience the change consciously and with resilience: you don’t ‘fight’ or ‘flee’, you process the change and let it enrich you.
  • You derive energy from it because you are no longer overwhelmed by your emotions. You find your way again in your life or work.
  • You bid farewell to the person or thing you have to let go and rediscover meaning in your life or job. You have a goal again.

This is what you will achieve through transition coaching. It cannot take away your pain or discomfort, but it teaches you to cope with it differently so that you respond with resilience.

Why people entrust me with their transition

  • In-depth coaching | I look further than skills, and also work on the mindset. The result? Enduring resilience, also in the future.
  • Sincere support | I know how it feels when your private or professional world collapses. You have the solutions inside you, I help you discover them and put them into practice.
  • Tailor-made coaching | Is face-to-face coaching less appealing to you or your employees? If so, opt for coaching via secure e-mail or video, or a combination of the two. Find out more here.
  • Approach tailored to your needs | I have followed many coaching training courses and am not linked to just one method. Together we examine the approach that will work best for you.
  • Secure environment | Clients say that my calm, no-nonsense and compassionate approach creates a safe environment for their emotions.
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Betaal met loopbaancheques

Coaching voor je professionele transitiethema’s kan je betalen met loopbaancheques. Ik ben aangesloten bij de loopbaancentra : Sterk op je Werk en Better Minds Coaching.

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Resilience during change

I support you, your team and company in achieving successful change. Assume and support self-responsibility during transition, increase your resilience and grow as a person.

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