Transition for leaders

As a leader you are facing change non-stop. I help you experience the transition – your personal adjustment process – consciously and with resilience.

When change is not going as expected

Whether you are a line manager or CEO, you work in a company that is facing change all the time. And it does not always run smoothly: perhaps you are struggling with your place in the organisation, your self-confidence has taken a dent or you notice that your team is not functioning. Although you know that this state will not last, you feel stuck.

The solution in your situation? Awareness and resilience. The more resilience you have, the easier (and better) you cope with change. That resilience is partly innate, but also a ‘muscle’ you can exercise. And that is where I can support you.

Just imagine…

You experience the change consciously and with resilience: you don’t ‘fight’ or ‘flee’, you handle the change and you learn from it. You get your energy back because you are no longer overwhelmed by your emotions. You find your way again in your life or work.

These are the results you get from transition coaching.

What is transition coaching ?

Transition is the personal adjustment process that comes with any change – positive or negative. The reason ? Because you always have to let go of a piece of yourself to change habits and try a new approach. And that sometimes very challenging.

In transition coaching, I help you to reflect on what change does to you: your feelings, mindset, thoughts and behaviour. This provides insights that we translate into actions. The objective ? To deal with change in a different way so you react with resilience.

When you are given and take more and more responsibility as a manager, it is important that your soft skills evolve with you. Your transition coaching made ‘blockages’ visible that were unconsciously preventing me from growing in my job.

The results are impressive: I am more self-assured and found peace in my managerial role. I now work better with employees who used to be less easy to work with. And I get even more satisfaction from my job. In short: I harvest the fruits of your coaching every day.

Mutual trust is a critical success factor in coaching. I felt that trust immediately and it grew during our journey. As a result, I got more out of the sessions than I first thought.

I have been in the business for over 30 years, but with you I discovered the added value of a good coach for your personal development. I recommend it to everyone, because training does not have the same effect. You need someone who helps you – with respect for your individuality – to develop yourself further. – Ivo De Ridder, Operations Director

Why people entrust me with their transition

  • Professional Coaching | As an ICF Master Certified Coach, I have over 3500 hours of coaching experience. So you can count on coaching that gets you moving !
  • Partnership | Some leaders, I coach an a regular basis. Logical : As a leader you are always in transition. Know that you can count on me.
  • Tailored to your needs  | Is face-to-face coaching less appealing to you or your employees? If so, opt for coaching via a secured coaching platform or video, or a combination of the two. Find out more here.
  • Safe environment | Clients say that my calm, no-nonsense and compassionate approach allows them to show their vulnerability.
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Resilience during change

I support teams and leaders in achieving successful change. Assume and take ownership of your transition, increase your resilience and grow as a person.

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