Transition during change

Many companies manage change, but forget about the transition and things stagnate as a result. As a leader or team member, you have the keys to do things differently.

Transition: the blind spot in change

Transition is the personal adjustment process you undergo during change. In other words: Transition follows the rhythm of the heart, change the rhythm of the calendar (William Bridges). This is why transition often remains under the radar: companies manage change – increasingly effectively – but forget to facilitate the personal adjustment process.

The result? Recent research reveals that between 60 and 70% of change processes fail. A large number can be attributed to a lack of guidance for the transition. Employees resist what they have to let go, rebel and disengage.

Actively experience your transition

Change happens to you, you do not always choose it. You get tempted to allow yourself to be carried away by your emotions. It’s only human, but if you do, you are surrendering control and will end up in a negative and passive spiral.

The alternative? Acquire an understanding of your transition and take control.. As a leader, you can take ownership of your own process and speed up your personal adjustment process by sharpening your transition skills and mindset.

When you are given and take more and more responsibility as a manager, it is important that your soft skills evolve with you. Your transition coaching made ‘blockages’ visible that were unconsciously preventing me from growing in my job.

The results are impressive: I am more self-assured and found peace in my managerial role. I now work better with employees who used to be less easy to work with. And I get even more satisfaction from my job. In short: I harvest the fruits of your coaching every day. – Ivo De Ridder

Conscious transition: the results

  • You use your emotions as signals and strengthen your self-control.
  • You adjust your mindset and increase your resilience to change.
  • You promote your self-esteem through mental and physical self-care.
  • You cultivate self-confidence and work on your enduring happiness.
  • As a leader you build constructive relationships and foster trust.

The bottom line? Change always offers an opportunity to increase your resilience and to grow as a person. How can I help you in this process?

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Resilience during change

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