Company transition

Does your well-prepared change still go wrong? Obtain insight into the transition experienced by you and your employees, and acquire the tools to support them.

Your change is opportune. Nevertheless…

  • Your employees refuse to acknowledge the the benefits the change will bring along.
  • You perceive resistance: your people complain, gossip or carry on as before.
  • Satisfaction, motivation and performance, even of your top employees, are plummeting.

You see the opportunities for successful change diminishing by the day and feel that you are missing something. But what? You listen and communicate with your people. Where are things going wrong? In the transition.

Transition – the personal adjustment process experienced by you and your employees – is the key to successful change. Transition is not something you can see, you feel it. I help your people understand it and you to guide it.

Transition: this is how I support your company

  • How does change affect your employees? How can they get a grip on their emotions? How do they alter their perspective? How do they increase their self-esteem? I teach people how to experience their transition consciously and take responsibility for it.
  • Actively listen. Show empathy. Dare to ask more questions. Learn to cope with emotions. Sell the problem. Show resolve. I improve your managers’ transition skills and if necessary help them adjust their own mindset.

The result? Your employees acquire the tools to increase their resilience when facing change. Your managers support their transition process and in doing so, contribute to successful change.

Why clients entrust me with their transition

  • Reassuring empathy | My HR career, extensive coaching and training experience guarantee right-to-the-core solutions that meet the needs of your company.
  • In-depth workshops | I look further than skills, and also work on the mindset. The result? Enduring behavioural change in your organisation.
  • Sincere approach | I gave up a well-paid job for the uncertainty of entrepreneurship and went through a dramatic loss experience. This means you receive heartfelt insights.
  • Tailor-made coaching | Is face-to-face coaching less appealing to you or your employees? If so, opt for coaching via secure e-mail or video, or a combination of the two. Find out more here.
  • Secure environment | Clients say that my calm, no-nonsense and compassionate approach creates a safe environment for their emotions.

Which approach best suits your company?

  • Individual coaching | This intense coaching provides an insight into transition and sustainable change in behaviour and mindset. For you and/or your employees.
  • Workshops | If you are aiming for transition with a broader audience, workshops promote the learning effect in the group and stimulate mutual connectedness and understanding.

People, organisation, and culture: each transition is unique. This is why you always receive a customised process tailored to your challenges, which often includes workshops and coaching.

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Resilience during change

I support you, your team and company in achieving successful change. Assume and support self-responsibility during transition, increase your resilience and grow as a person.

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